Tibetan Children Village: uno dei successi a cui ha contribuito l'associazione


Sul piano della solidarietà ed emotivo, il prof. Alessandro Frigiola ha fatto piangere tutti. La sorella del Dalai lama, Jetsum Pema ha inviato il video del villaggio tibetano in India che ha tolto dalla strada 330 bambini, dando loro un tetto e una scuola. Ha voluto mettere sull’Istituto una targa ricordo di Un cuore per tutti.. tutti per un cuore. 

I ringraziamenti ricevuti:

Dear Dr. Pulcini, 

Greetings from the Tibetan Children's Village!

Our friend Dechen Dolkar told us about the success of the gala dinner that you hosted last evening in support of our work and other projects as well.  We are thankful to you for honoring Mrs. Jetsun Pema with a citation on the occasion.   

Even now, TCV looks after over 7000 school going children in its schools and another 600 youths in colleges/universities.  As long as the Tibetan situation is not resolved, TCV will continue to exist to look after almost 1/3rd of the Tibetan children population in the exile diaspora and will continue to need the support from its sponsors and donors.  At the end of another year and the beginning of a New Year, we take this moment to remember your kindness and thank you deeply for the years of support.  

Thank you very much!   

Kind regards, 




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